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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Binary Days

As addition to may previous post lets see other Binary days, where day number is power of 2.
SQL> select rownum-1 power_of2
  2  , to_char(trunc(sysdate,'YYYY')-1+power(2,rownum-1),
  3    'DD-MON-YYYY DAY')  magic_day
  4  from dual connect by level <=9;

---------- ---------------------------------------------------------
         0 01-JAN-2006 SUNDAY
         1 02-JAN-2006 MONDAY
         2 04-JAN-2006 WEDNESDAY
         3 08-JAN-2006 SUNDAY
         4 16-JAN-2006 MONDAY
         5 01-FEB-2006 WEDNESDAY
         6 05-MAR-2006 SUNDAY
         7 08-MAY-2006 MONDAY
         8 13-SEP-2006 WEDNESDAY

9 rows selected.
Interesting coincidence - there are only 3 days of week: SUNDAY, MONDAY and WEDNESDAY.

BTW. Does anybody know if is it possible to turn off these automatic <br /> tags in beta blogger?


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