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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bug 5705795 - AMAZON-LIKE ?

Today I've reviewed list of patch 1 for Windows and i've noticed bug with name: 5705795 - MANY CHILD CURSORS CREATED FOR AMAZON-LIKE WORKLOAD IN I was aware of this bug as it was mentioned in note 403616.1 on Metalink. I do not think it's good idea to use customer name in bug description. From this I can assume:

  • Amazon is using latest Oracle Database,

  • Amazon is running on Linux or Windows (as this bug is only for these platforms),

  • probably Amazon is using Linux as patch for linux was released earlier,

  • it gives some inside view of software design used at Amazon,

I do not think Amazon is happy with these reveals.

At least bug 5705795 is not public on Metalink.

Cheers, Paweł

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