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Thursday, April 19, 2007

RMAN TIP: Avoiding ORA-27211

I'm using RMAN to backup only to disk. Usualy when I have to delete obsolete backup I run command:
delete obsolete device type disk;
It is anoying to type device type disk every time, but
delete obsolete;
RMAN-03002: failure of delete command at 09/12/2005 08:44:27
ORA-19554: error allocating device, device type: SBT_TAPE, device name:
ORA-27211: Failed to load Media Management Library
The reason is that some time ago I was testing backups to tape. There is simple solution:
Configure CHANNEL device type 'SBT_TAPE' clear;
It will remove information about tape device configuration, so all commands will use default device: disk.

Cheers, Paweł


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - I was having this problem and didn't know how to clear it until I found your post.

FdoFigue said...

Thanks you, I was having same problem. now it's solved.

Punit said...

Thanks ...issue resolved


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