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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've been tagged 3 times; 8 things about me

Few busy days without any blog reading and after I've gone through my feeds it occurred that I've been tagged 3 times:
  1. By Eddie Awad
  2. By H.Tonguç YILMAZ
  3. By Jorrit Nijssen (Jornica)
Thanks You for tagging.
Now I feel that I really need to write something about me:
  1. I was born and grow up in Krosno in south-east Poland (see satellite picture),
  2. I 15th when Communism fall down in Poland. At this moment Poland is member of Schengen Agreement, and I can travel around Europe without passport. Lot of changes in last 19 years,
  3. I'm Thawte Web of Trust Notary,
  4. In 1993 I took 2nd place in Nation Contest in Programming for College Students. Unfortunately I was 6 month too old to take part in international final :(
  5. In 1990 I've sold my first program; small DB written in Clipper. I did not think that this program will be used for so many years. In 1999 I had to do some changes to support year 2000,
  6. My first program was written in Basic and was run on PSP-80 (page in Polish)
  7. I'm married and we have 2 daughters (6 and 2 years old),
  8. My favourite TV show is Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson , Richard Hammond and James May.
I will not invite anyone directly as I do not want to accused of spam. All my readers that have blogs are welcome to post 8 things about themselves.


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