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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oracle 11g new features, part 2

There are two new interesting sources for 11g new features.
Tim Hall post The Next-Generation Self-Managing Database (11g)
And Lewis Cunningham post OOW: Enhancements in Oracle 11g PL/SQL
Also these features or enhancements seems very promising
  1. PL/SQL Native Compilation. There is no need for external C compiler, so it’s easier to make PL/SQL faster.
  2. New Data Type: simple_integer. Another performance booster.
  3. Intra-unit inlining. - this is feature that I was missing for years. Now I can create complex expressions and reuse it easily. I hope it will work also in SQL
  4. Database Replay and SQL Replay - this is very interesting idea.
I'm looking forward to play with these features.

Cheers, Paweł

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