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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oracle 11g new features

I have found Laurent post on 11g new features very interesting. Let me comment on some items:
  1. /*+result_cache*/ is very promising. From description it seems that it might be very useful for web applications based on Oracle. But sentence "There is an aggressive cache invalidation, so whatever DML happens on one dependent table, the cache result is invalidated" suggest that it will be useful only in read only environment. Otherwise cache will be constantly invalidated making this feature useless. Question is if query results will be stored in new memory structure, or it will be in Buffer Cache? Anyway there might be need for huge RAM
  2. Using sequence in PL/SQL without DML. This is long time expected feature
  3. Trigger order. This can be also sometimes useful.
All other features seem to be just improvements or enhancements. I do not see any revolutionary solution in this list.


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