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Sunday, November 12, 2006

SQL Developer 1.1 preview

Today I give a try to new SQL Developer 1.1. Installation on Windows 2000 goes smoothly without any problems. Users interface is almost the same as in previous version. One change that I noticed at one is search plug in, that allows user to search Oracle documentation and also Ask Tom site. It integrated well with my Firefox . There are 2 new features that was missing in previous version:
  • XMLType support - now XML data is displayed as query results, so you can open pop-up and see all details
  • Display for Date type - you can define in preferences how dates should be displayed
What I'm still missing is possibility to update more then one row in Index Organized Tables (IOT) in single transaction. At the moment when you change one row you must commit transaction. If you do not do that, whole transaction will be forced to be rolled back.
Changes goes in good directions. Might be in few months i will completely stop to use TOAD...

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