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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

XMLType and Namespace problem

I've run into some strange problem with XMLType and XML namespaces. I'll try to make a showcase. Lets define variable and simple XML content
SQL> var x varchar2(200);
SQL> exec :x := '<feed
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
Try to find out what tag is on root:
SQL> select XMLType(:x).getRootElement() from dual;
Lets find out the namespace:
SQL> select XMLType(:x).getNamespace() from dual;
Seems to be no namespace. But there was namespace in XML definition. Lets try extract data:
SQL> select XMLType(:x).extract('/feed').getStringVal() from dual;
So nothing was extracted. It's not what I was expecting. Ok, lets try to force namespace:
SQL> select XMLType(:x).extract('/feed',
'xmlns=""').getStringVal() from dual;
xmlns=""> <id>test_id</id>
Now works fine.
For me it is little confusing: there is no namespace, but you must provide namespace if you want to extract data.


Anonymous said...

I ran into similar problems - getnamespace does not seem to return a value (using 9i)

My biggest problem is that I get an XML from a WebService containing nodes with the default namespace "" ( e.g. <number xmlns="">12</number>) and it is not possible to extract this element.

Paweł Barut said...

i've solved it once using code like this:
xml_str CLOB;
xml XMLType;
xml_str := xml.getCLOBval();
xml_str := regexp_replace(xml_str, 'xmlns:.*".*"', '');
xml_str := regexp_replace(xml_str, 'xsi:', '');
xml_str := regexp_replace(xml_str, 'ns[0-9]*:', '');
xml_str := regexp_replace(xml_str, 'soapenc:', '');
xml_str := regexp_replace(xml_str, 'soapenv:', '');
xml := xmltype(xml_str);

But, i'm not proud of this solution. If anybody knows more elegant solution, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

xml_ret := xml_ret.extract('//string/text()','xmlns=""');

this works

but below statement doesn't

xml_ret := xml_ret.extract('//string/text()');


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