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Saturday, July 07, 2007

After Vacations: Tagging Photos with Geo Location

Welcome back after my vacations. This time nothing about Oracle, but about some idea that was in my mind for few years and now is life: Google Picasa has new functionality: putting pictures on maps. I'm using Picasa to share pictures with friends and family for more than year now. And often I was asked: where did you take this picture? Now I can tag pictures with Geo coordinates and then are shown on map. Take a look at my public galleries on picasa, especially latest one with some pictures from my vacations.
There are still some features that I would like to see;When playing with google maps I would like to have option to show pictures from specific place. Pictures from public galleries could be presented. There might be an copyright issue, but it could be solved easily: users will have option to allow (or not) to publish pictures this way.
And I must buy Camera with build in GPS receiver to simplify mapping pictures...

Cheers, Paweł

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