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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oracle 11g Announced: Features Preview

Oracle 11g was today announced. As an engineer I'm interested in new features of 11g release. I was already writing about this here and here. But this were just my thoughts based on others relations from Oracle Open World 2006.
Now official list of Oracle 11g new features is published. Here is page that contains more technical information on Oracle 11g.
Based on new features list I choose some that are very useful in project that I'm work now on, and I see them as important:
  1. Binary XML storage and XML path indexing for schema-less XML documents
  2. Result caches: improves speed of repeated execution of queries and function calls that access read-only or read-mostly data.
  3. Database Resident Connection Pooling: enables faster connections to the database for application, that do not provide connection pooling (ex. PHP).
  4. Faster triggers, including more-efficient invocations of per-row triggers
  5. Faster simple SQL operations
  6. SecureFiles: ti's new solution for storing large objects (LOBs) and datatypes such as XML
  7. Automatic compilation for PL/SQL and Java in the database: new “native” compilation of PL/SQL that do not need C compiler.

New features that look interesting, and I want to play with them:
  1. Semantic Technologies: native support for Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) standards,
  2. Oracle Spatial enhancements: Richer, more-interactive map application development
  3. New partitioning capabilities:
    - Partitioning by parent/child references,
    - Partitioning by virtual columns,
    - More composite partitioning options, including range/range, list/range, list/hash, and list/list,
    - Interval partitioning, which allows you to automatically create new partitions based on intervals, such as every month or every day,
  4. Oracle Flashback Data Archive: enables fast query access to old versions of the data.
  5. Expanded support for standards, such as XML Query (XQuery) 1.0 and service-oriented architecture (SOA)

I'm waiting for Oracle 11g to be available for download...

Cheers, Paweł


Anonymous said...

In the meantime I will do my best to show some examples regarding XMLIndex,Binary XML, SecureFiles, the database as a SOA endpoint etc. on my blog. Hopefully we won't haveto wait to long for the final launch / download.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the URL to the papers, Pawel. I've found that not all the 11g papers are at that URL though. They are still moving some over. I just made a blog entry about a paper covering the new Direct NFS feature on my blog at:

Anonymous said...

Hi Paweł

You proberly know but 11G is available for download for Linux under the OTN license

Joseph Letzelter said...

Hi Pawel, Your blog news are very useful for me, Thanks for giving lots of information in your blog, continue for posting these kinds of information.


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