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Monday, April 20, 2009

What a news! Oracle Buys Sun !

Written by Paweł Barut
What a news: Oracle Buys Sun !! I'm not the first one that blogs about it, but anyway let me express my comments. What does it mean for IT:
1. Oracle software will be installed on almost every PC; Sun Java might be renamed to Oracle Java. It will give wider recognition for Oracle trademark also to people that are not so much engaged with IT Industry.
2. Oracle becomes hardware producer. Well, you might know already HP-Oracle Database Machine (Exadata), but this was joint-venture. Now Oracle will produce hardware and software that runs on it. If everything goes right next "Database Machine" will be fully "Oracle".
3. Sun Solaris is #1 platform for running Oracle, and the second one is Linux. This could mean that rate for Linux implementation in enterprises will be lower, as many companies would choose OS and DB from one vendor. I know that Oracle is also offering Linux, but Oracle sales will be promoting Solaris, as this deals will be better for Oracle.
4. Oracle now owns 2, ehh, 3 databases: Oracle, Berkley XML DB and now MySQL. I could mean that MySQL will get even bettor, or rather it will mean that Oracle will offer MySQL customer to migrate to Oracle. So far Oracle does not have good record for supporting free editions of Databases. We will see...
5. With Oracle-Sun merge, Oracle will be shipping now full stack: hardware,OS, Database, Midlleware, ERM, CRM and many others. Oracle is becoming giant now...

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3 comments: said...

A survey conducted by Citigroup amongst major institutional investors provided the following insight on todays markets:
The favored sector is Tech and this sector has held the top position over the last 12 months. Growth stocks are also a hot item of late, the market sees the economy in a more positive view for the second half of the year and this should bode well for growth stocks. An additional upside of 6% is expected from current market levels to the end of the year. The majority of this optimism is due to the market rally since March, investors believe the market has bottomed. Regardless of the expected drop (approximately 20%) in earnings this year, a common consensus is the rebound in 2010 will be in the double digits. I’m certain Oracle has this information in mind prior to its acquisition.

Gints Plivna said...

Oracle actually has at least 11 different databases now. See list with links (the page is in latvian, but names and links should be international :)

adam hartung said...

Sun had no hope of survival by the late 1990s when McNeely Locked-in on selling "boxes" and stopped listening to the marketplace. Sun created huge value with Solaris and Java, but had no idea how to capture that value so it just kept doing what it always did. Eventually, the market didn't see the value in the boxes any more, and the value of Solaris and Java had been frittered away. A lesson for any company that it must adapt to market needs or it will be squashed. Read more at


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