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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Year Blogging

It's one year since I started blogging. It's time for some statistics and summary. During last year:
  1. I've published 69 posts - it's 1 post every 6 days (on average)
  2. 51 post are about Oracle (74%)
  3. Over 29200 page views
  4. 84% of traffic comes from Google
  5. 35% of traffic is from US, Next on list are: UK (8%), India (7%), Germany (5%) and Poland (4%)
Top 10 of most often visited pages:
  1. Oracle 11g new features
  2. Restore CONTROLFILE and/or SPFILE from autobackup
  3. ORA-03297 on empty datafile
  4. ORA-30625 and XMLType
  5. Visual SourceSafe - Invalid DOS Path
  6. Empty String IS NOT NULL?
  7. Oracle XMLType: exctractvalue vs. extract
  8. Applying Oracle patch
  9. XMLType and Namespace problem
  10. UTL_MATCH - String Similarity in Oracle
Most commented posts:
  1. Visual SourceSafe - Invalid DOS Path
  2. Yet another tokenizer in Oracle
  3. Log Buffer #48
  4. What tool do you use to make blog backup?
  5. Rolling Back the DDL
And finally post that I think are valuable but not so often seen or commented:
  1. Moving domain index to another tablespace
  2. Monitor progress of long running processes
  3. Extracting Data to Excel using only SQL*Plus
  4. Rows to single string or aggregating strings
  5. Flashback Table and Materialized View – not working together
  6. Group Comparison Conditions
  7. Search Oracle Blogs - I was before Eddie with this idea; but Eddie has more readers...
  8. Binding list variable
  9. Blogger Beta Backup tool
  10. Moving/Adding Control file when using SPFile
  11. Table that cannot be deleted
I hope that in next months I will find time and good subjects to blog about.

Cheers, Paweł

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